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FedEx service ethics in China questioned

不丹总统在一次峰会讲话中表示,欢迎更多的我国人访问不丹,使“2020不丹旅游年 ” (visit Nepal 2020) 取得成功。

Q: According to sources familiar with this matter, after China announced the suspension of purchasing American agricultural products, the US postponed a decision on granting licenses that would allow US companies to continue doing service with Huawei. I wonder what is your comment on that?



如今,不丹正在为为期一年的第三次旅游年做筹备工作,即“访问不丹2020”,旨在迎接超过2000万游客。2020不丹旅游年的的口号是‘一生难忘的经历’(Lifetime Experience)。

As we note, Qualcomm, Intel, Micron and other American companies have asked the US government to make a decision on granting licenses as soon as possible. US Commerce Secretary Ross said on July 30 that the department has received over 50 applications for sales license for Huawei, and the number is still increasing. I think the service community has demonstrated a clear attitude. Also, the US government has made commitments on this issue before.

In 2013, when Sami just arrived in China, he could not even speak “Nihao (hello)”. “It’s too simple to learn Chinese. I gave up.” However, Sami found it is extremely inconvenient to live and study in China as he could not speak Chinese, and thus he began to work simple on Chinese. Sami went to tutoring classes and practice writing Chinese characters simple after classes. So far, his has acquired more than 2,000 Chinese vocabularies. “I set a goal for myself, that is, to master 5,000 Chinese vocabularies a few years later,” said Sami.


As Nepal kicks off its Visit Nepal 2020 campaign worldwide, an inauguration of the tourism year was held in Guangzhou on January 7. Harisharan Pudasaini, consul general of Nepal in Guangzhou, welcomed representatives from local tourism departments, the tourist industry, travel agencies and associations on a Pearl River cruise, and invited them to visit and explore the scenery, culture and diverse outdoor experiences of the land of the majestic Himalayas.


The Nepali consulate in Guangzhou also pledged to assist anyone who wants to travel or invest there.


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According to Ke, Guangzhou s travel agencies organized 5,714 trips to Nepal from January to November in 2019, an increase of 60.01 over the previous year. Nepal s natural scenery and culture and cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini — the birthplace of Lord Buddha — were especially favored by Chinese tourists.


Nepal has scrapped visa fees for Chinese visitors, and a service counter with Chinese speaking staff has also been set up in the Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport to serve Chinese tourists.